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“I had a chance to read a copy of The Well of Loneliness that had been translated into Polish before I was taken into the camps. I was a young girl at the time, around twelve or thirteen, and one of the ways I survived in the camp was by remembering that book. I wanted to live long enough to kiss a woman.”
— A Jewish woman, in a conversation at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, quoted by Joan Nestle, in the Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter, June 1992.





Beyond grateful and touched to have the support of such an incredible crew of humans.

Thank you Walk The Moon!! We love you with all of our being!! 

Kansas City: If you can, go support Walk The Moon, alongside Panic! At the Disco and Magic Man tonight at 7:30pm at Crossroads — tickets available at the door for $40. 

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From My Diary, July 1914 by Wilfred Owen

From My Diary, July 1914 by Wilfred Owen

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From My Diary, July 1914

Leaves Murmuring by miriads in the shimmering trees.
Lives Wakening with wonder in the Pyrenees.
Birds Cheerily chirping in the early day.
Bards Singing of summer, scything thro’ the hay.
Bees Shaking the heavy dews from bloom and frond.
Boys Bursting the surface of the ebony pond.
Flashes Of swimmers carving thro’ the sparkling cold.
Fleshes Gleaming with wetness to the morning gold.
A mead Bordered about with warbling water brooks.
A maid Laughing the love-laugh with me; proud of looks.
The heat Throbbing between the upland and the peak.
Her heart Quivering with passion to my pressed cheek.
Braiding Of floating flames across the mountain brow.
Brooding Of stillness; and a sighing of the bough.
Stirs Of leaflets in the gloom; soft petal-showers;
Stars Expanding with the starr’d nocturnal flowers.

Wilfred Owen


On a scale of one to Nhi Vanye, how psychic do you have to be to tell when Morgaine is pissed?

On a scale of one to absolutely shitfaced, how drunk do you have to be to think pissing off Signy Mallory is a good idea?

On a scale of one to famous Greek philosopher, how intelligent do you have to…