I did’t find these prints by reading Art Historical literature, they were barely studied and hardly written about. I found them because I ran through whole collections looking for artworks with depictions of black people. People have choices in the things they see, and therefore the history of art will always be rewritten.

Esther Schruder, Art Historian, on researching works for the Black Is Beautiful:Rubens to Dumas exhibition

It’s very telling to me that a majority of the art I’ve posted here has been the same method-searching through piles and piles of barely-cataloged stuff until I find something to share.

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Look what I encountered today! This gorgeous dog lives at a beach club where David and I stopped by to have a short break from our trip to the moorlands. He came greeting me by poking his snout at all possible places, and I petted him for a while. Since he was suffering a little from the heat, I showed him that if you dig in the sand a little, the sand underneath is cooler. He started digging like crazy and stuck his entire head all in the hole, so cuteee! Then he came standing next to me on the bench, acting very curiously, and I let him nose around in my bag. I am in love with a dog, help D: